The Safety Council offers the 8-hour, state-certified Driver Improvement Program.

Missouri Revised State Statute 302.202, passed in the fall of 2009, allows non-commercial drivers who have received a non-alcohol related moving violation to plead guilty, pay their fine and take the Driver Improvement Program. To be eligible for this option, tickets must be issued in a county that participates in the State of Missouri’s Fine Collection Center. 

To see if your county participates with this program, visit and click on Fine Collection Center.  A guilty plea is submitted by simply mailing the fine payment to the address on the back of the ticket, or by paying the fine on-line.   Once the fine is paid, individuals must complete the Driver Improvement Program within 60 days to keep the points off their driver’s license. 

Motorist receiving municipal traffic violations or violations in a county that does not participate in the program must still adhere to all conditions of the respective municipal or county court.  

The Driver Improvement Program curriculum used is the National Safety Council’s 8-Hour Defensive Driving Course and teaches drivers how to identify potential driving hazards in the attempt to decrease the risk of being involved in or causing a traffic crash.  This course may also be utilized by some insurance companies as a means to reduce insurance premiums for their clients.  Individuals interested in taking the course for this purpose should consult with their insurance agency to see if they qualify. 

Individuals wanting to take the Driver Improvement Program course must call at least one week prior to the class to enroll.  The cost of the class is $75 and payable to the St.  Joseph Safety and Health Council by debit/credit, certified check or money order.  For more information contact Sue Lober.

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