Midland Empire Safety Association (MESA)

MESA is a committee of the St. Joseph Safety and Health Council, comprised of safety professionals working in the St. Joseph area.  Members convene on a regular basis to discuss relevant safety issues within their facilities, and tours or programs are often incorporated into the meetings as an opportunity for professional development. 

Meetings take place usually on the third Thursday (except during the summer months) beginning at 11:30 a.m., and are held at various locations around the St. Joseph community.  

2019 Meeting Dates
January 17 March 21 May 16 September 19 November 14

MESA's Mission Statement
To provide an opportunity for persons with responsibilities in the area of safety and health to interact, share ideas for continuous improvement, further educate and develop its members, and to promote the awareness of safety in the community.


Membership in the association requires meeting one of the following criteria:

  • those who have a degree, certificate or are currently enrolled in any occupational

            safety and/or health program, including: occupational safety, industrial hygiene,

            environmental safety, industrial fire prevention, risk management, occupational

            medicine, or a related field

  • professional whose work related duties involve environmental, health, safety

          or workers compensation procedures

  • vendors of safety related equipment and supplies

MESA Membership Fees

  • Company memberships are included in your Safety Council membership.

  • Please indicate you wish to have a portion of your membership to apply to MESA and name one/two representatives.

  • Annual membership dues for companies that are not members of the St. Joseph 

  • Safety and Health Council are $50, with the organization designating an individual to be their representative.

If you or your company would like to join MESA, please contact the Safety Council at 816-233-3330.