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In 2014, the National Safety Council recorded that 136,600 unintentional deaths occurred in the United States, of which 98,600 happened in either the home or in public.  The St. Joseph Safety and Health Council is dedicated to preventing these accidental injuries and deaths by providing public education and awareness.  The Council has several programs that are offered on a regular basis, and are willing to work with you to develop a presentation that fits your needs.  We will also attend safety and health fairs, and provide safety and prevention literature upon request.



Please check back in Spring 2017 for our next sessions.


Safety Town

Safety Town is a miniature town designed to introduce children to the importance and methods of safety, especially pedestrian safety. The town is complete with sidewalks, crosswalks, streets, signs, traffic signals and replica buildings. The goal of the program is to reduce possible injury or death of children resulting from preventable accidents.  Safety Town familiarizes children with law enforcement officers, firefighters and other community workers. 


Participating children will learn safety techniques addressing the following topics:

     * Pedestrian

     * Traffic

     * Bicycle

     * School Bus

     * Railroad

     * Stranger Danger

     * Playground

     * 911

     * Electrical

     * Fire

     * Animal

     * Poison Prevention

     * Internet

     * Gun

     * Weather

     * Natural Gas

     * Water



The Safety Council offers two shortened sessions for preschool age children (must be four by May 1st) as an introduction to the full Safety Town experience.  Preschoolers spend most of their time "on the town," while beginning to learn basic safety concepts from classroom interaction with Safety Town teachers and volunteers. 



Children ages 5-7 attend Safety Town for eight days, over a two week timeframe, and learn safety skills through classroom training and exercises taught by state-certified teachers.  Law enforcement officers, teenage volunteers, and community leaders further assist with instruction.  Students take field trips to the local fire department and park, as well as spend lots of time "on the town".  These sessions are recommended for students entering Kindergarten, First, and Second grades in Fall 2017.  If your child  attended a preschool session in the past, it is highly recommended that they be enrolled in a full session for review of previously taught safety concepts, as well as, introduction to advanced topics.  Bicycle helmets are required for each student to participate.    


St. Joseph Safety Town

Safety Town will be held at Parkway Elementary School, 2900 Duncan, St. Joseph.  Student may attend multiple years and child does not have to attend St. Joseph Public Schools to enroll.


Savannah Safety Town

Safety Town will be held at Minnie Cline Elementary School, 808 W Price Avenue, Savannah.  These sessions are available ONLY to Savannah R-3 School District students.


Registration Fee:  Preschool - $30     School Age - $45

*Scholarships may be available for qualifying families. Contact the Council at 816-233-3330 for more information.


Safety Town Teenage Volunteers

Safety Town encourages teenagers who are interested in safety and enjoy working with small children to volunteer at Safety Town.  Teens interested in volunteering must have:

     * completed 7th grade,

     * a completed Application and Parental/Guardian Consent Form,

     * a completed Recommendation Form from a school teacher, principal or counselor,

     * ability to attend Volunteer Training session


Volunteer applicants will receive a confirmation letter of acceptance and additional information around the first week of May. 


Recommendation Forms 

Safety Town Volunteer Recommendation Forms should be printed and given to a school teacher, principal or counselor to complete.  Student's information, at the top of the page, should be filled out before giving to selected individual.  Due to school personnel's busy schedules, submission of recommendation forms may be delayed.  If you do not hear back from the Safety Council regarding your registration within a reasonable amount of time, please contact our office at 816.233.3330 or email to check on the status of your application.


Safety Town Volunteer Training Sessions

Becoming a Successful Safety Town Volunteer:  Volunteers will be provided with basic leadership skills necessary to be a successful volunteer, learn how to work with young children, and receive an orientation to the games, songs and activities performed at Safety Town.  


 Community Presentation Topics

Staff members of the Safety Council are available to present information to your employees, organizations, schools, and other groups on various safety issues.  Topics may include, but are not limited to:

     * Seasonal Safety Information

     * Holiday Safety

     * Poison Prevention

     * Fire Prevention

     * Sexual Assault/Personal Safety

     * Traffic Safety

     * Stranger Danger


For more information, to suggest a presentation topic, or to schedule a speaker contact the Safety Council at (816) 233-3330 or email



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