Court Referred Programs

2010 Class Schedule

Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP)
The Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP) mission is “to inform and educated drivers in Missouri for alcohol-and drug-related driving offenses as to the hazards and consequences of impaired driving, promote safe and responsible decision making regarding driving, motivate for personal change and growth, and contribute to public health.” 



Defensive Driving Course (DDC) 
This program is the National Safety Council’s 8-hour Defensive Driving Course.  The course is designed to give drivers practical knowledge and techniques to avoid crashes, and to choose safe, responsible, and lawful driving behaviors. 

Driver Improvement Program (DIP)
The Safety Council offers the 8-hour state-certified Driver Improvement Program which courts may order in lieu of points as directed by Missouri Revised Statue 302.302. This program cannot be used for an alcohol offense or injury accident and may be used once every 36 months for staying of points. 

Alive at 25
The Alive at 25 program is geared towards the younger driver between the ages of 16-25 challenging them in their attitude and decision making while stressing personal responsibility. 

Adult and Juvenile Stealing Programs
The Adult and Juvenile Stealing classes are 4-hour programs offered to the courts for those people arrested for shoplifting.  The goal is to educate students on the ramifications of stealing and the consequences for their actions.

 Probation Services
 In 1991, the Buchanan and area courts petitioned the St. Joseph Safety and Health Council to take on the responsibility for their Court Supervised Probation.  The Safety Council began offering the probation services by monitoring the conditions of probation as set forth by the courts.  Conditions of probation range from reporting monthly, maintaining gainful employment, restitution, community service hours, attending alcohol treatment, AA meetings or other educational programs, getting a GED for those without a high school diploma, to all other requirements as assigned. Individuals are normally placed on probation for a period ranging from six months to two years.

Those individuals placed on probation to the Safety Council are for various charges which include but are not limited to; driving while intoxicated, possession of drugs, non-support, stealing, driving while suspended, bad checks, careless and imprudent driving, violation of order of protection, property damage, or unlawful use of a weapon.


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